Acquire Natural Looking Highlights Or Lowlights Through A Balayage Procedure

15 February 2023
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A balayage treatment adds sun-kissed highlights or subtle lowlights to hair. Balayage can be added to undyed strands or highlighted strands. Learn how this procedure is performed. Then, consult with a stylist to acquire tips on how to have your hair cut, styled, and colored.

A Specialized Coloring Technique

Unlike permanent highlights that require the use of foil and a permanent hair dye product, a balayage procedure entails using a freehand technique to apply color. Balayage techniques typically involve adding narrow sections of color to select strands of hair. A hair salon client may choose one or more dye products that they would like to incorporate into their updated look.

Dye is applied in a sweeping motion. A stylist may use a brush or comb to aid with applying color to select strands of hair. Balayage dye products are often added to the middle of the strands of hair. Then, the dye is spread downward toward the tips of the hair.

Dye can also be applied to the roots. If a client has grey roots, they may decide that adding balayage dye to the roots and to the middle and ends of select strands will provide them with the level of color that they are seeking. 

Things To Consider

  • your face shape
  • your skin tone and current hair shade
  • your current style
  • your styling and care preferences

A Comprehensive Appointment

A comprehensive salon appointment will include consulting with a stylist and selecting the services that the stylist will execute. Your face shape, your skin tone, and the current shade of your hair will aid a stylist in recommending balayage dye colors and procedures that will be flattering. The stylist will choose dye products that will not give your skin a washed-out appearance.

Your current hairstyle will also be assessed by a stylist. If you have dead ends, the stylist may suggest that you have your hair trimmed. Adding layers to your current style may also be recommended. A neat, fresh hairstyle will support the addition of balayage highlights, plus will likely supply you with results that you will be proud of.

If you are a low-maintenance person who doesn't like to dedicate a lot of time styling your hair or caring for it, a stylist may add a minimal amount of balayage highlights to your hair. In between salon appointments, you will be directed to condition your hair on a routine basis. 

For more information about balayage, contact a local company.