3 Things Not to Do When Preparing for Esthetician School

27 September 2022
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To enjoy a rewarding career as an esthetician, you have to begin with esthetician school. These programs require dedication, skill, and an openness to learn to be successful, but there are several things they do not require. Learning more about the don'ts of esthetician school will ensure you are prepared so you can have the best experience possible. 

1. Fail to Research the Program

You should always begin your efforts by researching the specific program you plan to enroll in. For example, some esthetician programs fall under the umbrella of a specific beauty brand or company. As a result, when students graduate, they are often guaranteed immediate employment with the parent company. 

On the other hand, there are also independent schools that are not affiliated with a specific brand. Neither option is better than the other. It instead comes down to personal preference and whether you have a specific company in mind you want to work for. Be sure to do your research.  

2. Overlook the Public Health Aspect

In school, you will learn a great deal about how to keep your client's skin beautiful, but you should also understand that you will also learn about keeping their skin healthy. Although your career as an esthetician will be beauty related, you are also expected to understand the importance of protecting public health.

As you begin your program, you should expect to learn a lot about bacteria transfer, proper sanitation practices, and certain skin conditions. While you will be a beauty professional, you will also be a professional tasked with keeping your clients as safe as possible, so be prepared to learn a lot about public health. 

3. Forget About the Physical Demands 

Again, your role as an esthetician is heavily involved in the beauty and cosmetic world, but the role can still be physically demanding. First, you should expect to spend a great number of hours during the day on your feet; this will also be true when you begin your career. 

Do yourself a favor and purchase a pair of comfortable shoes before you begin the program to ensure you are comfortable. Second, understand that you will have to use your arms most of the time. Your client's comfort is always more important than yours, so prepare yourself for the challenge. 

Remember, successful completion of an esthetician program is all about what you do and do not do. Keep all these factors in mind so that you have the most success with your journey.

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