Caring For Your Wigs

13 June 2022
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A wig can be an important accessory for those that have either lost their hair or suffered extensive thinning. While wigs are a relatively well-known option for addressing hair problems, there are many mistakes that are often made when it comes to using and caring for these accessories. As a result, individuals could find that their high-quality wigs may deteriorate faster than they had expected. 

Improper Storage

Whenever you are not wearing your wig, it should be stored in a suitable area. In particular, this should be on a head rack and in an area that has relatively low humidity. These steps can help to prevent the wig from becoming warped as this could severely reduce its natural look. Additionally, storing it in an area that has low humidity can minimize the risk of mold or other substances growing on the wig.

Not Washing And Brushing The Wig

Your wigs will need to be regularly cleaned and brushed if they are to remain in good condition. As with your natural hair, a wig can become extremely dirty over the course of the day. To keep the wig looking and smelling its best, you should wash and brush it at regular intervals. The frequency of this care will depend on whether the wig is made of natural or synthetic hair and the length of the wig. However, wig manufacturers will provide detailed care instructions that will allow you to easily extend the life of the wig for as long as possible.

Using Harsh Hair Products On The Wig

While it is possible to use hair products on a wig, individuals will need to be careful and limit themselves to only using hair care products that are designed to be safely used on wigs. These products are designed to be as gentle as possible on the wig fibers. Furthermore, they will typically be able to be washed out of the wig more easily. Fortunately, much of the styling will be done with the wig's design, and this can limit the need for additional styling products to be used. However, if you find that you must style the wig, you should make sure that any products that you use are safe for use on your wig and that they will be relatively easy to wash out of it. To help their customers, many wig manufacturers and retailers will provide styling products so that you can safely achieve the look you are wanting.

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