Tips For Using Natural Balsam Fir Soap

11 November 2021
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Natural, balsam fir soap can be so luxurious and enjoyable to use. The balsam fir itself is both soothing and moisturizing. And since you're using real soap rather than a detergent, you can expect the entire formula to be gentle on your skin. If you're just making the change to balsam fir bar soap, perhaps after years of using a body wash or commercial soap, you could probably use a few tips to help you adapt.

Bathe in warm water.

You may be used to showering in hot water. But as good as the heat feels on your skin, it's not the best thing in the long run. Too much heat can cause your skin to lose too much oil in the bathing process, and then the balsam fir extract in the soap might become a little irritating and harsh. So, for best results when using this sort of soap, you really want to bathe in warm water. The warm water will soothe your skin and get you clean, but without drying you out so much. The air will still be filled with plenty of those lovely, scented vapors from the balsam fir.

Store the soap outside of the shower.

You're probably used to storing your body wash, and perhaps even some commercial bar soap, in the shower. But while body wash bottles and hard commercial soap can stand up to this level of moisture, natural bar soaps, like your balsam fir soap, cannot. Over time, the constant moisture will cause the bar soap to soften. Then, when you use it, too much soap will come off the bar at one time, causing it to deteriorate too rapidly. In some cases, the balsam fir extract might even leech out of it, leaving you with a plain, unscented bar soap eventually. Store your soap outside of the shower, and take it in with you each time you need to use it.

Use your hands.

The best way to use balsam fir soap is to lather it up with your hands, and then apply the lather all over your body using your hands. Using a washcloth or loofa instead would remove too much of the bar soap at once. Plus, using your hands allows your hands themselves to experience the full benefits of the balsam fir extract, which will make them softer over time.

With the tips above, you can more easily make the swap to balsam fir bar soap. It's a lovely soap and great for your skin!