5 Men's Haircuts You Can Ask For By Name

19 December 2019
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When you sit down to have your hair cut, what instructions do you give your barber? Most people say things like, "A little off the sides, and longer on top." These instructions are fine, but did you know that there are standard men's haircuts you can ask for by name? Asking for any of these cuts by name when you ask for haircut services simplifies the process and ensures that your barber knows exactly what you want.

1. The Fade

The fade is when your barber cuts the sides of your heat with the clippers, graduating from a really close cut lower down to a longer cut closer to the top. On the actual top of your head, your hair is left longer. Exactly how long is up to you. Some people like a fade with the top barely longer than the sides, and others like to leave several inches of hair on the top to play around with.

2. Undercut

This one is decidedly modern! The undercut calls for shaving the sides and back of the head — but all to one length, and not faded. The top is left longer, often two inches long or so, and the wearer can sweep it to one side, work it into a faux hawk, or even sweep it all backwards.

3. The Buzz

You might remember getting a buzz cut as a kid. Basically, the hair is cut to the same length all over the head using clippers. Some men like a number one buzz or a number two buzz; the number refers to the length setting on the clippers. Today, barbers are getting experimental with buzzes, sometimes clipping shorter patterns into the hair for a little decoration. A buzz cut, where the top is left a little longer than the sides is called a crew cut, is also popular. 

4. The Fringe

With the fringe, the sides are typically cut short, and the top is left longer in a manner that allows it to hang, somewhat haphazardly, over the sides. The hair is often razored so that it has some texture, especially at the ends.

5. Top Knot

Now, you can really only achieve this one if you already have pretty long hair. Basically, the sides are cut or  faded, and the top couple of inches of hair are left long enough to shape into a small knot or bun. This is an edgy look, but it's one that's pretty popular with the younger crowd.