How To Avoid Getting Razor Burn When You Shave Your Face

16 January 2019
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You shave on a regular basis, and you want to keep your skin clean and fresh. When your face has bumps and razor burn, you can look less well-kept as usual and even run the risk of getting a skin infection.

You want your skin to be clean and fresh, but you want to avoid razor burn and other issues at the same time. How do you get a close shave without running the risk of a skin issue? Use this guide to assist you in getting healthier skin and keeping rashes, burns, and other irritation at bay.

See your barber for closer shaves

The shaving that needs to be done periodically, such as attending to your sideburns, eyebrow hairs, back of the neck, and tender areas of your face, should always be attended to by your barber. Your barber will be able to use their special tools to give you a close shave without cutting or nicking your skin and can even heat up their tools to help open your skin's pores and keep hair follicles open for a closer, less irritated shave.

While you can shave on your own most days of the week, see your barber on a regular basis for more tender shaves. You can call your barbershop to make an appointment or do a walk-in appointment if you have time to wait a few minutes to be seen on short notice.

Ask your barber for shaving advice

Perhaps no one knows your skin as much as your barber does, and your barber can be a fount of knowledge for helping you keep your face, neck, and hair in general healthy. You can achieve healthier skin that is free of rough spots, bumps, razor burns, infected hair follicles, and more if you follow their advice for the best type of shaving cream and supplies to use. Your barber will either sell you products that they keep in their shop — often the same supplies that they use on their clients when giving them shaves — or will give you their advice for brands and products they prefer to use.

You should always attend to any razor burn as soon as it occurs so you can heal your skin quickly. See your barber if you have a longer beard or mustache and need a clean shave to see the best results. Your barber will help you keep your face looking great. For more information, contact a company like Manhattan Barbershop today.