Want Dreadlocks? 3 Types Of Tools That Are Used

17 November 2017
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If you are tired of your hairstyle and want something that is completely different, you should try getting dreadlocks. You can have these whether your hair is straight or kinky. Dreadlocks are put on with an interlocking tool, such as from Nubian Lock Tool. Your hair is pulled through the tool and your hair then rotates from your root to the end of your hair. There are different types of tools that can be used for this, including the three types below.

Crochet Hook Interlocking Tool

A crochet hook hair tool looks just like a crochet hook that is used for yarn for yarn. It is not expensive at all, but it does require someone that has a lot of experience to use it correctly.

This tool will not rip on your hair and it comes in a variety of sizes. It may snag your hair, however, and it is difficult to hold onto for a long time. Because of this, if the hair stylist uses this type of tool they may need to take a few breaks in between giving you the dread locks.

Silver Nappylocs Interlocking Tool

This type of tool is more expensive, but it also works better. This type of tool does take much longer to put dreadlocks in hair. This is because each loc has to be threaded individual through the Nappylocs tool. It works great, however, so the extra time is worth it.

This type of tool is also not painful at all because it will not snag your hair or pull on it. You can find this tool made of sterling silver which makes it very durable, as well as beautiful.

Interlocking Ring Tool

This type of tool has a latch hook on the end of it like the crochet tool and it is designed like the Nappylocs tool. This works well if you are going to have large locks in your hair. This tool is very durable, so it lasts much longer when compared to other tools. It is also comfortable to hold while working on your hair, and it will not pull on your hair at all.

Talk with a hair stylist that has experience putting dreadlocks on hair. They can go over these different types of tools with you to help you choose what you would want them to use. Some hair stylists may not have all these tools available, however, as they may have their favorites they like to use.