Shaving Or Waxing: Which Method Of Hair Removal Is The Best For Unwanted Facial Hair?

18 October 2017
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Have you noticed some hair growing above your lip, under your chin, or even around your jawline? There are a number of different reasons women develop facial hair. Sometimes it's because of medicine that's been taken and sometimes it's because of hereditary conditions. Regardless of the exact reason you're experiencing hair growth on your face, you might want to do something about it simply because you don't like seeing it.

Is It Good to Shave the Hair?

For some women, it's such a natural instinct to grab the razor and shaving cream and begin shaving the hair from their face. However, it's not really a great idea to shave your face. If you decide to use the razor and shave the hair off, you'll likely deal with a bit of stubble in a matter of days. The stubble may feel rough and look darker than the hairs originally looked. If you don't want your face to feel rough and you don't want to see that stubble growing in only a day or two after you've shaved, simply put the razor away and try a better option.

Is Waxing a Good Solution?

If you're looking for a more effective way of dealing with the facial hair, consider waxing. Unlike the razor, waxing will not leave you with any unwanted stubble because the process removes those hairs from root to end. There's a misconception that waxing is so painful. Although you may feel a bit of a pinching sensation, the discomfort of waxing only lasts about a second, and the results are absolutely amazing. After you've waxed your face, the hair will be gone, and your face will feel a lot smoother. The results may last several weeks so that you don't have to wax too often.

There are many ways to wax your facial hair. You could go to a spa or salon and have your face waxed by the professionals. If you're trying to save some money and time, it's completely possible to wax your face at home. There are waxing kits sold at most drugstores. You can even make your own facial wax by melting a blend of honey and sugar, applying it to the skin, and pulling it off with soft strips of cloth. If you've never waxed your face before, it's a good idea to watch online tutorials so that you know exactly how to apply and remove the wax from your face.

If you're a female with unwanted facial hair, you may think shaving is the best solution. However, it's a lot better to wax the hair because the results from waxing tend to last longer. Waxing will leave your face free of hair and stubble.