Tips For First-Time Eyelash Extension Wearers

31 May 2017
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If you are tired of layering your eyelashes in many layers of mascara so they appear longer, then you will love eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are small mink or synthetic hairs that are glued to your natural lashes to make them look longer. Lash extensions are safe and you can use a single layer of mascara to make them look wonderful.

To get the most out of your eyelash extensions, here are some important tips for first-time wearers:

Tip: Find an Experienced Eyelash Stylist

Just as you need a skilled cosmetologist to cut your hair, so too do you need a skilled eyelash stylist to glue on your new eyelash extensions. The best way to find a quality stylist is to ask friends and relatives for recommendations. 

Tip: Opt for Synthetic Fiber Extensions

You have the option of getting eyelash extensions that are made of mink or synthetic fibers. While mink lashes sound very glamorous, they are more expensive and some people have allergic reactions to them. For these reasons, you may want to opt for synthetic lash extensions. Since your extensions will need replacement in a month or two, you can always use mink once you have some experience living with them. 

Tip: Don't Subject Your Lashes to Water or Hot Temperatures for at Least a Day

On the day your eyelash extensions are applied, you should avoid swimming, sitting in a hot tub, or washing your face with hot water. The glue used to adhere your lash extensions needs some time to cure and being subjected to warm temperatures can interfere with that process. When the glue is not properly cured, then you will prematurely lose extensions.

Tip: Don't use Waterproof Mascara

Since waterproof mascara is hard to remove from your lashes without scrubbing or using a strong cleanser, you should only wear regular mascara with your new extensions.

When you need to remove your mascara, use only a mild soap and clean water. Using an oil-based cleanser will dissolve the lash adhesive and should be avoided.

Tip: Don't Rub Your Eyes when Washing or Drying Off

Finally, when you are washing your eyes or drying off after washing your face, avoid the natural tendency to rub your eyes. As you rub your eyes, your eyelash extensions will be under stress and this will lead to a premature loss. Instead of rubbing your eyes, gently dab them with your towel.

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