Weight-Loss Body Wraps You Can Luxuriate In

6 April 2015
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Going to the spa? In addition to facials and beauty treatments that leave your skin supple and smooth, many facilities offer weight-reducing body wraps that can help slim your silhouette while letting you feel pampered and relaxed all at once. When considering your next spa treatment, think about getting a weight-loss body wrap in addition to a facial or massage.

How weight-loss body wraps work

Body wraps to encourage weight loss are designed in one of two ways- they either contain a mixture of minerals and natural clays and seaweeds that draw water out of the body, or they have a combination of ingredients that purge toxins out of the body and encourage cells to release unwanted fat. The excess toxins, fat, and water is then expelled naturally through the body via urination and sweat, resulting in inch and weight loss. Since you sweat a lot during the wearing of your wrap, you are encouraged to drink a lot of water before your treatment, during, and after you leave to prevent dehydration. 

Types of wraps you can use

A ginger wrap is a popular weight-loss and rejuvenating body wrap that you can see results from right away. Ginger boosts your metabolism while tackling toxins and free radicals trapped in your body that cause bloat and uncomfortable excess weight. As you wear your wrap, you will likely notice a heavy warming sensation, and you will sweat- a lot. A ginger wrap should be given in a spa that has staff experienced in using products that remove toxins from the body, as you can become very fatigued after the treatment is complete.

Sea salt and seaweed wrap

This smelly wrap is toted to yield beautiful results to your body, both outside and in. Seaweed is another toxin remover, and also works to boost collagen and cell growth, which may help reduce wrinkles, scarring, and existing stretch marks while you wrap away the weight. To encourage fat loss, the wrap may be combined with caffeine or green tea to help shrink fat cells. A spa usually offers a seaweed wrap with scented oils, such as lavender, vanilla, or lemon, to help make the session more invigorating.

When you undergo a weight-loss body wrap, know that you still need to have a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to experience long-term results. If you want to slim down for a special event or are having trouble losing those last few pounds, a weight-loss body wrap may be just what you need. When you book your appointment at a spa in your area, ask about their body wraps and what they can do for body fat. Click here to learn more from a go to site.