3 Reasons To Opt For Laser Hair Removal Over At-Home Methods

27 July 2022
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Many individuals turn to a pair of tweezers to remove unwanted hair from different areas of their bodies. With one deft motion, you can quickly eliminate pesky hair from anywhere on your body. But did you know you may want to opt for laser hair removal instead? Here are three reasons to go for professional laser hair removal rather than try to do it yourself with traditional at-home methods.

1. Laser Hair Removal Is Very Effective

Tweezers, waxing, and shaving are less effective than laser hair removal because they are short-term solutions.

  • Tweezers may break off a hair at mid-point rather than from the follicle, which means the hair can still remain after your effort.
  • Waxing painfully yanks greater swathes of hairs from their follicles that still grow back over time.
  • Shaving makes your skin feel silky smooth, but hair is still attached to follicles and makes your skin feel stubbly in a couple of days.

Laser hair removal affects the hair follicles in a way that discourages hair growth. The results can last for months and sometimes even years.

Additionally, laser removal options treat greater areas of skin at once as the hand-held device passes over the body to target hairs.

2. Laser Hair Removal Is Operated by a Professional

Little effort is required on your part when you opt for laser hair removal. A professional tackles all the prep work and handles the laser while you focus on relaxing. A pro knows how to treat certain areas of the body. For example, areas of the face where hair is typically more fine and thin need more than one treatment to produce the best results.

He or she can also help you understand which areas of the body should not receive treatment such as hairs inside the nose. These hairs help to filter pollen or dust from your airways and should be carefully trimmed rather than removed.

3. Laser Hair Removal Discourages Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are painful because they grow parallel to the skin and can burrow back beneath the skin's surface. You may have hairs more prone to become ingrown, and plucking often increases the likelihood a hair will re-grow the same way.

Fortunately, laser hair removal has an additional benefit with regard to ingrown hairs. Laser treatment burns the hair follicle to discourage growth, which prevents the growth of problem hairs for months. As the hair eventually begins to regrow from a healed follicle, it will do so straighter.

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