What Problems Can a Brow Lift Resolve?

20 July 2021
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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your face and have started to notice some problems like sagging and wrinkles, then you may be considering undergoing a facelift. Indeed, this surgery can restore a more youthful look, easing wrinkles and toning things up. But you may not actually need a whole facelift. You may be able to instead have a brow lift, which is a less involved procedure that only involves the upper face. To help you better decide whether a brow lift will be sufficient for your needs, take a look at the following problems that a brow lift can correct.

Horizontal lines across the forehead.

These lines are sometimes known as glabellar lines, or forehead furrows. Most people have them to some degree, even when they are young, but they become deeper and more prominent as you age. They may make you look angry and concerned, even when you are not feeling these emotions. In fact, if people are consistently asking you why you're angry or concerned, it might be because you have forehead furrows. Since a brow lift tightens the entire upper face, it can greatly ease the appearance of these lines so you can wear your true emotions once again.

Frown lines.

While you might think the term "frown lines" refers to lines around your mouth, it actually refers to the shallow, little wrinkles that can form between your eyes and above your nose when you frown. If you've ever seen someone's eyes and known they were sad, even without seeing their mouth, these frown lines may be what you were noticing. A brow lift can practically erase them, giving you smooth skin between your brows.

Hooded eyelids.

Women, especially, tend to notice that as they age, their eyelids become more hooded. They may struggle to apply eyeshadow because of this, or they may feel that the eyeshadow they do apply is not as obvious as it once was. A brow lift removes the excess skin that may be hooding your eyes. Your eyes will look more open and alert as a result. You may feel like you don't have to apply as much eye makeup to call attention to your eyelids after the surgery.

If you have a lot of concerns about the appearance of your lower face, then maybe you need more than a brow lift. But if your major concerns are those listed above, a brow lift is probably the perfect procedure for you — and it's less involved than a total facelift! That's a win, for sure.