Finding A Barber Shop In Your New Town

20 May 2021
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Haircutting services are so personal. When you find someone who does a great job with your hair and really connects with your personal style, it is hard to let them go. But when you move to a new town, you do need to find a new barber shop. Here are some tips to help you find a new barber shop that can meet your needs.

Ask people for recommendations.

Pay attention to the hairstyles that your coworkers and acquaintances have. If you see someone who has a hairstyle you could see having yourself, don't be afraid to ask them where they have their hair cut. Most people who are fond of their barbers are really excited to tell others about them. You can gather the names of two or three different barber shops just by talking to people whose hair you like. And, if you hear the same name a few different times when asking various people about their hair, then you know that barber really is worth a try!

Visit a few different shops.

Rather than picking a shop and going there for your next four or five haircuts, schedule a cut at different shops every four weeks. In other words, go to one shop one month, and then visit another shop the next month. Keep notes as to what you do and do not like about each shop. Then, after these experimental visits, decide which of the shops you liked best. Consider not only who gave you the best haircut, but also who gave you the best experience. Then, you can stick with that shop for your subsequent cuts, knowing how they compare to the competition.

Browse the internet.

Many of the best hair stylists and barbers share photos of their work online. They may use other social media, too. Take a look at the pages of various hairstylists and barbers in your area. Look not only for hairstyles that you like but for work that you generally enjoy the aesthetic of. Often, a hairstylist's personality shines through in their work, too — and if you think their personality may be a good fit with yours, that's a reason to book an appointment. 

With the tips above, you should be able to find a great new hairstylist in your new town. Before long, they will be the barber you're sad to leave.

For more information about haircut services, contact a local barber shop.