A Few Options For Human Hair Replacement

11 July 2018
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While many men have decided to shave their hair and go bald, it should be an option, not something that happens and you have to deal with. Whether you have thinning hair, completely lost your hair, or have bald spots, there are human hair replacement systems that can give you a full head of hair again. 

This hair will be the color, length, and thickness you choose. While it will not grow, people will think you are very good at keeping your haircut appointments. No one need know it is not your own hair unless you tell them. Here are a few options to consider.


Wigs have come a long way in the last couple of decades. They are generally made of human hair, so they have the exact look and feel of your natural hair. You can choose the base of the wig so that it can be glued to your scalp. Instead of taking it off every night and sending it out to be styled, a wig now stays on your head and is washed, dried, and styled the same way you have always done it. As long as you use a good bonding agent and clean your scalp well before applying, no one will be able to tell it is a wig. 

Partial Coverage

When you still have your own hair but need to fill in some spots, a partial coverage piece is a good option. Like a wig, this piece is glued to your head. the edges are then woven under your natural hair to prevent a line between your hair and the wig piece.

Hair Extensions

If you just need to add some length or fullness to your hair, extensions will do the trick. These pieces of human hair can be woven, braided, glued, or clipped into your hair. They are great if you want to have longer or fuller hair for a special event. You can wear them for a while, take them out, and then have them put back in as you desire.

All human hair replacements can be dyed to any color. You can choose to go with your own natural color or try something different. Of course, this type of hair will need to be properly maintained to retain its color and style. The good part is that you can do this the same way you would your own hair. 

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