3 Tips to Completely But Temporarily Change Up the Look of Your Hair

27 September 2017
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Even though you might love the way that your hair looks, you might occasionally wish that you could do something different with it. If you're preparing for a big night out on the town, for example, you might want to switch up your look without permanently changing your hair. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can do so. These are a few ways to make your hair look completely different without having to make a permanent change.

1. Wear a Wig

Many people never even think about buying and wearing wigs. However, a wig can be perfect for changing up the look of your hair. You can find a cheap wig if you'd like to keep costs low, but for the most realistic look, consider splurging on a higher-quality wig. If you take good care of it—such as by keeping it on a mannequin head when it's not in use and gently washing and de-tangling it—it can last for a long time, and you will always be able to grab it when you're ready to switch things up for the evening.

2. Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be great for a night on the town for a few reasons. For a subtle look, you can look for extensions that match your real hair. Then, you can clip them in and give your hair more volume. If you would like to go crazy with your look, however, you can choose clip-in hair extensions in bright colors. It's a great way to add some color to your look. Plus, if you put them in properly, you should not have to worry about them damaging your hair.

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3. Use Temporary Dye

Even though you might have dreamed of dying your hair to get a completely different look, you could be worried about doing so. One good way of trying a new style and rocking different hair for a little while without permanently changing your hair color is to look for temporary hair dye. You can choose it in a color like brunette, blonde or auburn if you would like to try a different natural look, or you can go wild with brightly colored temporary dye.

As you can see, there are various ways that you can completely change up the look of your hair without actually doing so permanently. Once you try one or more of these options, you might find that you want to switch up your style even more often.