How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

8 August 2017
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There is nothing quite like lathering up the shaving cream and taking a razor to your legs and bikini area. In all reality these are some of the most common areas where razor mishaps occur. It is no wonder that many women are turning to laser hair removal. Not having to shave these and other sensitive areas seems like a dream come true, but it is no dream. Laser hair removal is a very good way to keep that razor away from the lady parts. You may be wondering what to do before such a procedure, well, here are a few things that you should know to prepare you for the treatments. 

Skin Pigment 

The laser targets the pigment of the hair follicle and this is one of the reasons that you should not tan before you go in for your treatments. Tanning in general can increase your chances of skin cancer and increase the rate at which your skin ages. If you have extra pigmentation in your skin from tanning, it can be tricky for the technician to properly give you the treatments. This is also a reason that you should refrain from using tanning creams that can mess with the natural pigment of your skin. 

The Hair Follicle 

Laser hair removal works by targeting the follicle of the hair. So, essentially the laser goes beneath the skin and attacks the hair where it actually grows. This is why it is such a great way to treat the hair. However, this means that you should not wax or pluck any hair prior or between treatments. If you pull the hair out by the follicle then there is not going to be a target for the laser. Be sure that you stop plucking or waxing a few weeks before you go through the procedures, and be sure that you only shave between sessions. 


When you go in for your treatments it is going to be to your advantage to shave a full day in advance. This is a good idea for a few different reasons. First, if you shave a day in advance you will not be able to see the hair, but the laser will still recognize the hair and destroy the follicle. Second, if you have longer hair, the laser will also burn this part of the hair and the longer hair burning will cause you more pain than is necessary.

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