Hair Transplant Questions Answered

25 April 2017
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Having a full head of hair is an important feature that will be among the most noticeable aspects of your appearance. Unfortunately, genetics can cause some people to be prone to losing their hair. When this happens, it can be extremely disconcerting as it can drastically alter a person's appearance. While hair transplant procedures can help to correct this cosmetic problem, you will need to have a fairly thorough understanding of this procedure to be able to properly evaluate it.

Are Hair Transplant Procedures Only For Those That Are Completely Bald?

There is a pervasive belief that is shared by many people that hair transplants are only for those that have lost all or most of their air. However, this procedure can be used for individuals that have experienced only mild thinning of the hair. Furthermore, those that have suffered extensive balding will need to be evaluated to see if they qualify for this procedure as they will need to have a minimum amount of hair so that there is enough hair to transplant some of it.

What Happens During Hair Replacement Treatments?

During the transplant procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will take samples of hair from areas of the head that have not suffered extensive thinning. These hairs are removed with the follicle so that they can be transplanted to other areas of the head. It should be noted that there are limits to how much hair can be transplanted in a single session, which means that you may need to undergo several transplant treatments to achieve the desired results. Not surprisingly, this procedure may cause some discomfort, but the doctor will administer a powerful anesthetic to minimize any pain that the patient experienced.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Due to the time, costs and discomforts involved, many patients will be very concerned about the need to have this procedure done on a regular basis. Fortunately, transplanted hair will be permanent, and it will behave just as the rest of your hair. While the hair that has been transplanted will be permanent, patients may need to undergo this procedure multiple times if their balding continues to spread.

Losing your hair is a problem that can be a source of tremendous self-esteem problems. It is also an issue that people frequently assume can not be corrected. However, hair transplants can be highly effective at restoring a patient's natural hair line and thickness. By knowing that this procedure is suitable for those with both mild and severe balding, the steps involved with a hair transplant as well as the fact that these treatments provide permanent results, you can know whether this procedure is likely to yield your desired results. For more information, contact companies like Celebrity Hairworks.