The Latest Trend: Hair Tapestry

5 June 2015
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A few years ago, it was feathers. Then it was dip-dying just the bottom of long hair. And new the newest trend to add oomph to your hair is hair tapestry!


Tapestry is the ancient art of weaving together different colors of threads to create a picture. Generally hung on walls as large pieces of art, tapestries graced many castles and fine homes in medieval times. They were often not just pictures, but were created to show the history of an area or family. Intricately woven and finely detailed, tapestries were usually made of long-lasting, durable, natural wool threads. Many, with proper care, have lasted generations.

A Modern Trend

The new trend of putting "tapestry" in the hair has some similar goals. Wearers are creating a work of art that can be worn in the hair. Due to their nature, they can be long-lasting, though usually only months. Modern hair tapestries can be either made of synthetic materials or natural materials. Synthetic hair extensions can be used as the base for the tapestry, as can natural hair extensions or even the natural hair. Threads can be acrylic or cotton, according to your preference of materials. In general, color, beyond black or brown or white, is wanted to draw attention to the hair and create a picture.

Tapestry Pictures

Hair tapestry can depict pictures as simple as a star or heart, or as detailed as showing a face or favorite pet. They can be made in school colors on game day or to match a dress for a formal event. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination and creativity. And a lot of time. The more intricate the desired tapestry, the more time is needed to create it.

Simple Instructions

There are a few videos on the Internet showing how to make a hair tapestry, but here are some simple instructions as well. You'll need a tapestry needle, the desired type and color of thread, a hair extension matching your hair, and a small tapestry hoop. (If you'd like to use your own hair, you'll also need a friend.)  

  1. Place a 3 inch section of hair in the hoop.
  2. Separate the hair into about 10 smaller sections.
  3. Thread the needle of the first color desired and run the needle over the first of the small sections, then under the second of the small sections, then over the third and so on.
  4. At the end of the row, go back using the opposite sections for under and over, holding the end so that it doesn't pull whole thing too tight. Scoot each new row up against the first row. 

This creates a base on which you can then work in a picture, shape, letter, or number. In creating your hair tapestry, you join an ancient artistic tradition, with the latest style! 

If you want to try out a different style or technique with your hair but need some help, talk with a stylist at a business like L J Hair Systems.